WEC 41 postfight: Sac crowd hurts Brown's feelings a bit

WEC's got a special dude on its hands. Not only does Mike Brown have a chance to be a dominant champion in the organization's glamour division, but the guy is unique in his approach to the media and fans. It's tough to find a more humble fighter. He's also honest enough to admit that he's still adjusting to being hated by some fans. Brown thought the crowd in Sacramento, filled with Urijah Faber fans, was a little over the top. He can't understand why, and was a bit freaked out when fans were yelling at him at Arco Arena (1:35 mark):

"I see them, they're staring right at me and they're calling me a [gay slur]. It's not easy what we do. It's not easy to put it all out there on the line like that."

Brown can't understand how athletes somehow become make-believe characters for some fight fans:

"I just wish I could like switch places for a minute and make them walk down to the stage. I was saying kind of like, 'I love you too' kind of deal."

The Sactown fans may not like Brown but he's still that 13,000-plus showed up to see him:

"I never imagined that this was going to happen. I was fight for fun because I loved it," said Brown about his 26th professional fight. The Maine-native fought in far away spots like Japan and Russa before getting in with WEC. "I never imagined that this many people would care or that I could make a living doing what I love. It's amazing, huh?"

Brown thought his pressure style of fighting is what got him the win. He was a little worried after the fight when WEC GM Reed Harris told him that he didn't know who won the fight as they were waiting in the cage.

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