Watching Affliction with Andrei's crew

As we mentioned last week, it wasn't easy to find a bar showing the Affliction fights this past weekend. In my home state of Illinois, which is also the home of Andrei Arlovski, only three bars showed the fight. To give you context on that number, 88 bars showed UFC 92. My friends and I finally found a place in the far west suburbs where Arlovski's gym, Overtime MMA, could throw a party to (maybe? possibly? probably not?) see their star win.

About 75 friends, training partners and fans of Arlovski filled the room that Overtime reserved. They were cautiously optimistic about the Pitbull's chance. "If he can stay on his feet ..." one said. "No one is undefeatable," another one mentioned. When Fedor Emelianenko knocked out Arlovski, the room went up for grabs. At first, we couldn't see what had put him on the floor of the ring. He went for the flying knee, and then was face first. When the replay finally played, and we saw Fedor's overhand punch, a loud yell went out.

Immediately, the room hoped for a rematch. "If Affliction still exists, then they need to fight again," a training partner said. Indeed. When I left the Overtime party and walked around the rest of the crowded bar, I heard that same sentiment through many of the roughly 100 other patrons who were there to watch the fight.

Did you go watch the fights at a bar? Was it hard to find a bar showing the fight? Were there many people watching the fights? Let us know in the comments. Since getting bar business is key for any pay-per-view sporting event, we're curious to see how Affliction did in bars and taverns on Saturday night.

Photos thanks to Overtime