Watch Russian MMA show that features two-on-two teams, multilevel playing surface

Maggie Hendricks

Have you ever watched an MMA fight in a cage or a ring and thought, "This needs a multilevel playing surface without adequate padding?" Or have you watched a fight and said to your buddy, "One fighter facing another? YAWN." If so, the Hip Show in Russia has you covered.

According to the website, the show features two-on-two battles in a three-level arena. The video shows people yelling, fighters falling off of platforms, and a huge potential for injury. I would think this is a fake video produced by a late night talk show, but no actor can fake knocked-out-face that well. Here are the rules:

-- If during a round one of the team members is eliminated (knockout, knockdown, submission hold, disqualification) - the fight continues 1 vs 2 for 1 minute.

-- Once a fighter has been knocked down, the opponent stands by the referee during the 10 count.

So, it's MMA meets "American Gladiator" with a touch of dodgeball thrown in.

Thanks, With Leather.

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