Watch Georges St. Pierre get beaten by Japanese children in the cutest video ever produced

Maggie Hendricks

UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre headed to Japan for UFC 144. He visited a school for young kids and was promptly beaten by children wielding swords.

Seriously, watch the first two and a half minutes of this video. Your day will improve. Watch as GSP beams while the children warm up, then see him not keep up as they run through exercises with plastic swords. Finally, see how they suddenly turn on him and beat GSP over the head until he submits to strikes.

After he talks about how he would have rather played with swords as a kid than with a hockey stick, they show a visit to the mayor of Saitama, Japan, and a visit to a dojo where kids aged around seven beat each other up. But if you can't watch the whole six minutes, at least press play for the first two and half.

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