Watch a fighter come out of a crowd and win with a knockout

Maggie Hendricks

When preparing for MMA bouts, most high-level fighters train for six to eight weeks. They eat right, practice two or three times a day, and schedule every minute of their lives to prepare them for that bout. It's usually the smarter way to go, unless you're the guy featured in the above video from Russia.

If you want to follow this guy's path, you show up to a fight wearing jorts, raise your hand when the announcer asks for an opponent, then win by knockout. Perhaps it's the better way to go? As our friends at With Leather point out, it's possible this is a set-up. But if we can't trust a Russian MMA promotion with a sand ring, no weigh-ins or medicals, and announcers who dance behind fighters are they change into their fight shorts, who can we trust?

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