Watch Dana White pranking Lorenzo Fertitta and other behind the scenes action from UFC 155

Maggie Hendricks

Dana White's latest video blog shows that while he may be the president of a multimillion dollar business, he's also still an 11-year-old kid who can't help himself from pranking UFC chairman Lorenzo Fertitta. White fills the pockets of Fertitta's suit coat with grapes and cheese, and hopes Fertitta will explode. Watch to see if he does.

Other things to watch out for from behind the scenes at UFC 155:

-- Junior dos Santos staring in the mirror and psyching himself up for his bout with Cain Velasquez.

-- A beat-up Joe Lauzon watching replays of his fight.

-- Seeing emotions pour out of Velasquez after he won the UFC heavyweight championship bout again.

-- As dos Santos' swollen face is worked on, fans begin to chant his name. Despite being in obvious pain, he takes the ice off of his face to wave to his fans.

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