Watch Anderson Silva’s fight with Vitor Belfort

Maggie Hendricks

As a young sports fan in Chicago, I watched something special in Michael Jordan. But because I was young, I didn't understand just how special and gifted of a basketball player he was. Jordan's skills were both extraordinary and consistent, so I got used to them. Once he retired, I understood. When he came back, I soaked up every morsel of Jordan's game during his next three title runs in Chicago. His time as an elite basketball player was limited, so I wanted to enjoy every bit.

Now, I get the same feeling when Anderson Silva walks into the cage. I want to soak up every bit of watching him fight. There is something about his fighting style that says someone like him won't come along again for a long time. Watching this fight against Vitor Belfort brings back memories of early frustration against Silva for not engaging immediately, then shock and amazement after he used a front kick to knock Belfort out.

Whatever happens Saturday against Chris Weidman, it's worth your time to watch Silva ply his craft. The fight starts around the 12-minute mark.

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