War Machine takes off from first 'love' to fight this weekend

Our good friend, crazy Jon Koppenhaver is back in action this weekend. He's fighting at UWC 6 in the Wasihngton, D.C. area tomorrow night. He's giving up his true passion for a few days, in search of win No. 8 of his career. In typical "War Machine" fashion, he says much of his free time is spent "terrorizing" chicks. Don't take that the wrong way, from a guy who has one assault in his file and is contesting another:

"I have like a super one track mind; all I wanna do is like train and fight and terrorize chicks. Really I’m the “whore machine”. My name is the “whore machine” but people thought I was saying “war machine”. I enjoy traveling and seeing different stuff and exploring new chicks. I want to go around the world and conquer every chick. That’s all I like to do, it’s my favorite."

Koppenhaver truly loves the ladies:

"The girls don’t give a (expletive), but girls are so shallow, and so stupid, and so evil, that just because now that they think you’re important, now they want you to terrorize them. You know what I mean? So basically the guy kind of ends up screwing himself you know what I mean, but it works out well for us. That’s how it works if you’re gonna get extra ass off it."

Huh? He's in the right spot, Las Vegas trucks in a fresh haul of women each weekend for those who want to "terrorize" them. So why hasn't the UFC invited this guy back?

Koppenhaver tells ProMMA.info that he would like to get back into the UFC one day. He was 1-1 with the promotion before being released for insensitive remarks about the way the UFC handled Evan Tanner's death. He's also been told by his agent that Strikeforce has expressed interest but Koppenhaver said he'd like to stay more active on the smaller circuit.

"War Machine" is set to face Reshad Woods tomorrow night at the George Mason Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. The event also features NCAA champ Phil Davis in his third MMA fight againt Terry Cohens in a light heavyweight bout.

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