War Machine for president!

Apparently, the wave of Hope/Change that washed over most of America did not reach War Machine, the former fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver.

Yes, he wants a president who is truly one of THE PEOPLE, because a guy from the south side of Chicago who made all of his own money is not one of War Machine's people, apparently. Since War is one of THE PEOPLE, I think he'd make an excellent candidate. He will be old enough to run for president in 2016, so let's get it done. Start signing those petitions! Besides the crazy online ramblings, arrests and official name change to War Machine, I'm sure the American people won't mind having a president who hopes that our current commander-in-chief gets "smoked."

Thanks to Fightlinker, where you can read the complete post with dirty words, and no pink and flowers.

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