War Machine apologizes for being crazy

When you're arrested and it's not really big news, you know your life is a mess. Former UFC fighter Jon Koppenhaver, now known as War Machine, was collared over the weekend in Las Vegas and charged with misdemeanor battery for an incident at Krave. With a resume like War Machine's, the news of another scuffle barely deserved more than a nod:

-Allegedly choked out a man named Darren Zatkow in a San Diego streetfight

-Was criticized for being insensitive on MySpace about Evan Tanner's death

-Changed his legal name to War Machine

-Called James Irvin a puss after his loss to Anderson Silva

-Ripped the crap out of the UFC when the organization dumped him

-Suggested that someone "smoke" President Obama

-Dropped f-bombs all over ESPN and Disney when he was fired by Bellator Fighting

You'd have to think dozens of people have had that talk with War Machine telling him to smarten up. Well, it looks someone may have finally gotten through to him. He actually apologizes and makes some sense in his latest MySpace bulletin:

First, I need to admit that my comment regarding Obama was completely out of line. In all sincerity I do not wish any harm done to the President and I realize that it was a very stupid thing to write so I am publicly apologizing to the President and to his supporters.

Good start but then he pulls the classic mistake of not completely taking ownership:

In the beginning of my career it was brought to my attention (by some ignorant advisors, which I now realize) that my image as a professional fighter is more marketable if I am controversial. Controversy does grab attention. Part of creating that controversy is consistently saying things in a public format that I know will cause a reaction. I knew that my Obama bulletin would gain me more fans as well as make a lot more people hate me and that was exactly the reaction I was going for. Obama is one of the most loved people in the country right now.

Say whatever you want about the President. In fact, rail everyday about him if you'd like but don't suggest killing him. That's not controversial, it's just stupid.

He does sound contrite about flipping out when he got axed by ESPN and Bellator:

Looking back now, I realize that if I ran an up and coming professional organization like Bellator, I wouldn't want my event associated with a "wild card" posting crazy (expletive) about the President either. I understand why they did what they did. I admit that. I'm still pissed that I can't compete in the tournament, but there is no one I can be pissed at other than MYSELF.

It wouldn't be a War Machine post without someone being attacked. This time he goes after the ITG's (Internet Tough Guys) who say he is finished:

What I have to say to those people is this: WATCH ME. I am one of the hardest working fighters in MMA today. Though I admit I've made a couple of dumb decisions, I want the world to know that I will prove every critic wrong. I'll fight wherever I can, and I'll prove that I belong at the very top. I thank my supporters for sticking by me, and I dare my haters to bet against me.

War Machine said the incident that led to his arrest was a big mix up and after discussing it with his attorney, he thinks it'll be easy to disprove. He was in Las Vegas because it is now his home where he's training at Xtreme Couture. Is that the best move? The gym appears to be a good home for many fighters but it's still Las Vegas. There's a lot temptations and potential issues in a 24-hour town for a guy who has a long track record showing that he lacks self-control.

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