Wanderlei Silva wants to fight Chael Sonnen so badly he made a yelling video about it

In the video above, Wanderlei Silva has some very strong words for Chael Sonnen. He calls Sonnen, who has been pushing for a fight with Silva since he lost to Jon Jones in April, a "butt face." Silva claims Sonnen is hiding behind a camera, and he turned the other way when Silva tried to confront him in person.

This video, which was lit like a junior high haunted house, was posted the day after news broke that Silva was demanding extra pay to fight Sonnen. UFC president Dana White said in a text message to MMA Fighting that Silva was demanding pay-per-view points, or a percentage of the pay-per-view sales. It's an arrangement that is only in place for the UFC's biggest draws.

But the anger Silva shows here may signal he's willing to fight without extra money. He tweeted about the fight, as well.

Vitor Belfort also recently asked for a fight with Sonnen. With so many suitors, who do you want to see Sonnen fight? Speak up on Facebook.