Wanderlei Silva pulls April Fool’s ‘joke,’ says he’s fighting Gegard Mousasi at UFC on Fuel. He’s not.

Maggie Hendricks

As we mentioned on Monday, Saturday's main event UFC bout between Gegard Mousasi and Alexander Gustafsson could be in trouble because of a facial laceration suffered by Gustafsson. Wanderlei Silva saw this news, and seized upon it to play an April Fool's Joke that wasn't really all that funny.

He tweeted this info late Monday afternoon:

No one from the UFC confirmed that Silva was taking Gustafsson's place, but Silva kept playing up the "joke." He tweeted news stories about him taking the fight. Even Mousasi tweeted about it:

But on Tuesday morning, Silva admitted it was a joke. He posted the above picture on his Instagram account, with the caption:

I catch you wand the best April first ever!! But I would like this to be true!!!

Ummm, OK. For one, is that funny? The MMA website Middle Easy pulled a good April Fool's Day prank by redesigning their website as if it was 1996. Hulu changed all their show titles to fake shows like "The Rural Juror" and "Ya Herd? With Perd." But saying you have a fight when you don't?

If Silva wants to say he is next man up for the bout with Mousasi in case Gustafsson can't fight, that's fine. He should just do that. But taking everyone in the MMA world, even a potential opponent, for a ride with a so-called joke? That's not cool, Axe Murderer.

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