Wanderlei Silva, Chael Sonnen to coach against each other on ‘TUF: Brazil’ and then fight in 2014


Chael Sonnen’s marketability and vicious trash talk have made him perhaps the most wanted man in MMA. Sonnen fighting is in such big demand, in fact, that he now has not just one but two opponents lined up.

Sonnen is already set to face former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans in November at UFC 167. While interviewing his boss UFC president Dana White on a segment for Fox Sports Live – The American Gangster’s night job – Sonnen learned, however, that he will also be a coach on the third season of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" opposite his nemesis Wandelei Silva.

"You two will coach The Ultimate Fighter. You will have a ton of security down there with you, and it should be a fun season," White told Sonnen, perhaps only half-joking about the need for security.

In interviews and in tweets, Sonnen has insulted many national Brazilian fight heroes and, indeed the entire country, often deriding them as being primitive. The xenophobic speech from Sonnen appeared to draw the sincere ire of Silva three years ago and Silva confronted Sonnen in person during an exchange caught on tape (video below).

Silva told Sonnen that he knew nothing of Brazil or its people and that he should keep quiet or that he could get hurt. Sonnen did not fire back at Silva in person but has since used the web and airwaves to hurl insults at the former champion.

Silva has since lobbied hard to fight Sonnen, but injuries will keep him out of action until 2014. White said that Silva and Sonnen will indeed fight one another after coaching on TUF: Brazil 3.

A date has not been set. Neither has a weight, for that matter. Both men have bounced around between middleweight and light heavyweight as of late.

In recent months, Silva has produced over the top, pro-wrestling style promo videos where he’s yelled at Sonnen through a camera and staged a confrontation at an expo, but his original, organic dressing down of Sonnen in a car while the pair were both doing UFC public relations activities is the real, enjoyable watch. We imagine being told, “In Brazil we have a saying – you have respect, you don’t lose your teeth,” by The Axe Murderer in a calm, even voice, is terrifying. Sonnen certainly looked a bit nervous.

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