Wanderlei listens to Dana on the big decisions in life

Hi there! I'm Wanderlei Silva. You may know me from my many years reigning over Pride FC, losing to two different former UFC light heavyweight champions, and training with a snorkel. This weekend, I am fighting Rich Franklin at UFC 99 in Germany. How did I get here? Simple. By listening to Dana White.

Dana told me that everyone would want a doll of me. Look! He's right! Who wouldn't want this doll? It's not an action figure, it's a doll and it's so cute!

He told me to try to kiss Rampage, but then his breath was so bad, I couldn't do it.

You would have done the same thing. But still, I listen to Dana. Like, he told me to do these commercials.

And would you have had the joy of hearing me say "Baaaa" if I didn't listen to Dana? No. So, if Dana told me to retire, you know what I'd do?

I'd get in a cold bath, read a good book, and then say yes. Time to retire.

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