Vitor Belfort 'embarrassed' by TUF: Brazil brawl

Vitor Belfort 'embarrassed' by TUF: Brazil brawl

Only someone as wonderfully strange and adept at grabbing attention as Vitor Belfort could make the TUF: Brazil set brawl between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen about himself. The former champ has nothing to do with the feud and fight between Silva and Sonnen but he still has strong, pious, feelings about the whole ordeal.

“The cat fight between Silva and Sonnen embarrassed me,” Belfort wrote on his Facebook page in Portuguese, according to a report from MMA Junkie.

“Firstly, MMA is not fighting people not prepared inside the Octagon,” he went on.

“That’s what I do. Secondly, there is no more room for a sport like MMA to accept this behavior when [the sport] has clear rules for anti-sport attitudes both inside and outside the Octagon. Third and most importantly, MMA cannot, ever, influence behaviors where the discussion ends in aggression as if this was the appropriate model of behavior. Millions of young people suffer violence inside and outside the school, and the TV cannot be propelling this behavior and athletes must not represent any violent attitude by lack of control, whatever the provocation.”

We suppose that, after pulling out of a title fight because he couldn't continue to use TRT, Belfort has a lot of extra time on his hands these days. Enough time to draft of the occasional treatise of judgment on other fighters, it seems.

“MMA fighters should, as a matter of urgency, be aware that the behavior inside and outside of the octagons can influence millions of people for better or for worse, and I chose influence for good because MMA also picked this way. Anything outside of that is no longer MMA, [and] definitely doesn’t represent me,” pastor Belfort went on.

Well, no one asked you for a comparative moral analysis between yourself, Sonnen and Wanderlei, but thanks anyway, Vitor. Personally we don't consider two grown, unarmed men settling differences with their fists embarrassing.

This haircut, however, is pretty embarassing. So is this one.

But those are for Vitor to make peace with. Who are we to judge?

So, now that Belfort has interjected himself into this ugly feud between Sonnen and Silva, who of the three do you think is coming out ahead? Or, as Belfort might say, which fighter is "choosing their influence for good," best?

It's a tough call, from where we're standing. Although, of the three, Wand is the only one of the three to not have either tested positive for steroids and other banned PEDs, been convicted of a felony, made fun of domestic violence or sucked a foot on national television. So, crazy as he may seem, "The Axe Murderer" seems to be the least tarnished as of now.

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