Video gold: Just three years ago UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson was trying to get on TUF 9


There's all sorts of routes to UFC stardom. Benson Henderson is a great fighter, but his path to a fight with Frank Edgar could've been much different.

He graduated from WEC to UFC to the best fighter in the world's best division. How fast did it happen? Well just over three years ago, Henderson was trying to get a slot on Season 9 of the "Ultimate Fighter."

Cage Potato found this Bendo video as he tried to woo the UFC and Spike into choosing for the United States vs. United Kingdom season.

The lightweights that season were Santino DeFranco, Jason Dent, Cameron Dollar, Richie Whitson. They combined for one fight beyond the TUF 9 Finale. The field was smaller because of U.S. vs. U.K. theme, but clearly they whiffed on this one or they had bigger things in mind for Henderson. He debuted just months late in the WEC with a win over Anthony Njokuani.

At the end of the video, Henderson makes a promise.

"I fought my through the smaller shows. Now it's my time to dance underneath the lights," Henderson said. "I will win the UFC Season 9 Ultimate Fighter and I will fight for the title. You're looking at the future lightweight champ of the UFC."

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