[VIDEO] Former UFC fighter Keith Jardine stops thief after car chase

Elias Cepeda

Of all the mailboxes in all the towns, a dumb mail thief had to choose former UFC light heavyweight Keith Jardine's to try and rob last Friday.

New Mexico television station KRQE reported Friday that Jardine spotted the thief pulling up in his car at the fighter's Albuquerque home, get out, open his mail box and take off with the contents in his car. Jardine then jumped into his own vehicle and gave chase.

Jardine caught up with the thief, confronted him and subdued him until police arrived on the scene and arrested him. The man, 39 year-old Richard Davenport said that he had been picking up mail for a friend but police discovered that the backseat of his car was filled with mail from a number of different homes.

Check out video of Jardine recounting the incident above.

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