[VIDEO] How Daniel Cormier has dropped weight before UFC 170

Elias Cepeda

(Video via of Shoot Media)

Wrestler Daniel Cormier famously suffered a kidney failure after weighing in for the 2008 Olympic games. Back then, Cormier went about dropping weight all wrong - he walked around entirely too heavy and then essentially underwent a controlled, forced dehydration of dangerous magnitudes.

When he decided to get into MMA, Cormier then also decided to compete at heavyweight. He would be undersized against the behemoths of the division but at least Cormier wouldn't have to cut weight anymore.

This Saturday, Cormier will fight in the co-main event of UFC 170 in Las Vegas and he will do so, for the first time, as a light heavyweight. This time, however, Cormier isn't planning on cutting an extreme amount of water weight before weighing in tomorrow.

Instead, Cormier has spent months making small but crucial adjustments in his nutrition and workout regimen in order to more gradually and healthfully lose weight. He may have gorged on Popeye's chicken for one night last week after learning that his originally scheduled opponent, Rashad Evans, had pulled out with a knee injury, but for the most part, Cormier has been diligent with his new lifestyle.

The folks at Shoot Media recently interviewed Cormier about how he's lost the weight and is now walking around lighter than he has in years. According to "DC", instead of restricting water, he's been drinking two gallons a day and eating four healthy meals each day.

Also, he's put in more "road work" or, running, during this camp. Not only has it helped him drop weight, he says the solitude has helped him focus and stay motivated.

Check out the video above to see what Cormier is eating, drinking, how much and how often and about the changes he's made in his work outs to safely drop weight in advance of his sudden grudge match against Patrick Cummins.

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