Video: Congenital amputee Maynard survives first MMA fight

Kyle Maynard did it. He stepped into a cage and survived an MMA fight. The congenital amputee engaged in a fight where kicks, punches, knees, elbows, jiu-jitsu and wrestling were all fair game. He lost a unanimous decision and avoided a finish against Bryan Fry but it was only because Fry chose not to employ kicks and simply jabbed from the outside:

“I had never really gotten hit before [in training]. I wanted to see if I could take it. At least I accomplished that goal. I think my ears are still buzzing from his first shot,” Maynard said later. “It opened my eyes to the fact that this was the most serious thing I had ever gotten into. I loved it, to tell the truth.”

Maynard raced around the ring on all fours trying to catch Fry, but the Wisconsin mixed martial artist wouldn't go to the ground with the former high school wrestler:

“I was … amazed. I didn’t know he was that quick,” Fry said. Still, he was able to stick to his strategy, even as the crowd, estimated at just less than 1,000, began chanting at him, “Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle.”

Maynard told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he wants to fight again, pointing to the fact that he also lost his first 34 wrestling matches.

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