Video: Anderson Silva loves canaries, harps and cheeseburgers

Maggie Hendricks

Burger King Brazil recently signed on as a sponsor for UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Just before his UFC 134 bout with Yushin Okami, we see what that means. Silva lipsynching Minnie Riperton? Of course.

I never knew of Silva's love for playing the harp, or canaries, or jewel-encrusted dogs, but the man is multi-faceted. He likes to dance, do impressions, eat grotesquely large cheeseburgers, and kick people in the face. This is a man who cannot be pigeonholed.

For his next trick, Silva will need to win a rematch against Okami, the last fighter to put a loss on Silva's record. (Okami won via disqualification due to an illegal kick.) Will Silva pull it off?

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