Video: Anderson Silva dancing with Justin Bieber. No, really.

Maggie Hendricks

Anderson Silva recently defended his middleweight title at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro. What does the pound-for-pound king do to kick back after a hard training camp? Maybe spend some time on the beach, hang out with his family, go ballroom dancing, or enjoy some burgers from his sponsor?

Nope. He dances on-stage with Justin Bieber.

Yes, that's the tween sensation dancing with the UFC middleweight champ as Brazilian girls scream like, well, little girls. It's funny to hear the fathers join in on the screaming when they see Silva take the stage.

This isn't Bieber's first close encounter with fighters, as he has been to UFC fights before. He tweeted his thanks to UFC president Dana White after attending UFC 132, and the subsequent Twitter replies crashed White's phone.

There's no avoiding it. Mixed martial arts and Bieber Fever go hand in hand.

Thanks to Middle Easy.

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