Vera thinks MMA greats need to stay away from boxing

You'd think destroying opponents in a multi-faceted sport like mixed martial arts would be eough but it seems like it never is for some of the sport's greats. Anderson Silva has mentioned wanting to box repeatedly, and the guy who may have the best shot at beating him in the future, Gegard Mousasi, has expressed a desire to put on the pillows as well. What is it, the basic challenge?

Brandon Vera admires guys like Silva but he told Cagewriter they need to stick to what they're good at:

"Anderson's the man in MMA [but]. I train with pro boxers and I'm always good for the first round until they get that swagger on. They just punch different than MMA guys. There's a different level."

Vera would also like to see Silva focus on and stick with MMA so he can get his shot:

"[Silva's] style is sick, he finds your rythym, dances to it, picks you apart," Vera said someone is going to beat Silva down the road. "Like Forrest said in his [prefight] interview, someone's going to beat him one day and say 'oh that's all you had to do?' How bout you be the guy who figured out what that one thing to do was?"

Vera has to get through the very tough and big KrzysztofSoszynski next week at UFC 102. Soszynski brings a little different style to the table than Vera's original opponent Matt Hamill. There shouldn't be a lull in this one if Soszynski pushes the pace. Vera dropped down from heavyweight after his loss to Tim Sylvia. He still searching for that signature win at light heavyweight. He'd better open some eyes soon because Silva is now talking about wanting to fight heavyweight.