Vera interview: Fans need to stop worrying about postfight antics

Brandon Vera is confused. He was one of the most popular prospects in the UFC after he took out Frank Mir back at UFC 65. After a few lackluster fights and some distractions away from the cage, Vera is now a target for UFC president Dana White and many of the fans and blogs.

Vera wasn't happy with the media and fans before his last fight. After his win over Mike Patt, he got some more guff online for his celebration or a lack of class in the cage. Along with Nick Diaz (exploding on video), "The Truth" is tired of hearing about words like "class" and "respect" from people who've never stepped in the cage:

"What we go through to get to that point, all the hard work and the effort that you put in to get that shining moment," told Cage Writer. "That's hitting the damn lottery. How are you going to act when you win $10 million. Do you care what other people think? Hell no!"

Watch Vera talk about Matt Hamill's celebration after beating his good friend Mark Munoz (4:07 mark):

Vera explained what happened to his friend Munoz, who was knocked out by a huge head kick from Hamill. He said Munoz froze up a bit on the big stage. It was the same for Vera, who said he couldn't feel his legs, during his UFC debut against Fabio Scherner.

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