Varner wants to stuff Cerrone's Stetson where the sun don't shine

If the fight at WEC 38 matches the pre-fight war of words between Jamie Varner and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, one of the guys might leave the cage in a bodybag. They meet for Varner's WEC lightweight title on Sunday in San Diego.

Varner has been worked into a frenzy by Cerrone (pictured in the hat) and his trainer Drew Fickett. Fickett may not be the most reliable fighter but he's quickly becoming MMA's No. 1 trash talker. Larry Pepe from ProMMARadio did a great job of stirring the pot earlier this week when he spoke with Varner. He played a soundbite of Cerrone claiming that the champ told his corner he wanted quit in his fight against Rob McCullough:

"Are you (expletive) kidding me? If I didn't want to be in the fight, I would've gotten my (expletive) ass kicked. If Cowboy thinks he can grind me out and break me, what the hell has that guy ever done? He's a (expletive) kickboxer and jiu-jitsu guy. I wrestled Division one."

Then Varner turned his attention to Fickett, who recently said that Varner is fake and likes to oil up for photo shoots:

"Drew Fickett is a scumbag. Drew is one of those guys who is super talented but his head in gets in the way of everything else. He makes stupid mistakes. He's a drunk, he doesn't know how to act. He's a complete (expletive)-up. He's just kind of a loser and if he's Cowboy's mentor, I welcome that."

Click below to hear Varner unload on Cerrone and Fickett (ProMMARadio):

Cerrone's last win came against McCullough but that was after Varner had beaten him. Varner said that Cerrone's win meant nothing because his fight with "Razor" Rob changed him forever. He finished by trashing Cerrone for being a phony during recent media sessions.

Kudos to Pepe for using a classic radio technique to throw gasoline on the Varner-Cerrone fire.

Cage Writer will be ringside/cageside with live updates at both Affliction 2 on Saturday and WEC 38 on Sunday.

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