Varner still not ready to fight, interim LW WEC belt possible

When WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner won controversially over Donald Cerrone due to an illegal knee, Varner walked away from the fight with both his belt and a broken hand. That was on January 25. Now, five months later, the hand is still broken. Varner twittered the state of his hand today, and the chances of a rematch with Cerrone anytime soon look slim.

"We're still waiting on the medical reports, but it looks like Varner won't be fighting in the foreseeable future," Dave Sholler, a WEC representative, said. "We're moving forward with the lightweight division, and we haven't ruled out an interim belt."

That news may seem good for Cerrone, but he has not been shy about his wish for a rematch with Varner. After his June 7 win over James Krause, Cerrone said that, "If I see [Jamie] Varner in the street I'm going to punch him in the mouth ... with his nice shiny suit."

UPDATE: Cerrone, currently on vacation in Colorado, thinks that an interim belt would be appropriate.

"They have to do something. He can't just have a belt and not defend it. I certainly think I'd be in line for it," Cerrone said. "I think he keeps just stepping back and waiting for other guys to beat me so there won't be a rematch."

Cerrone is open to fight anyone since he can't fight Varner.

"I want to fight him because he's such a douchebag, but I'll fight whoever they tell me to."

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