Varner not happy with Mir or clueless fans

Thick skin is a necessity for fighters to keep their sanity. Reading the blogosphere really doesn't help things. And you definitely shouldn't take fan reaction or broadcasters' criticism to heart. Jamie Varner is having a tough time understanding that right now.

His fight against Donald Cerrone at WEC 38 was stopped over the weekend when he was hit with an illegal knee in the middle of the fifth round. Varner was given a split decision win. The crowd in San Diego flipped out and booed him during the post-fight interviews in the cage. Varner dropped a four-letter word in the cage on live television and then vented more during the post-fight press conference. Then he decided to go on Larry Pepe's show and unload some more on Monday. Fans on the net said the fight was stopped because Varner took the easy way out and said he couldn't see:

"I couldn't (expletive) see. I don't know people want me to do. I couldn't (expletive) see. I got nailed with a good knee on the ground, in my (expletive) eyeball. I possibly tore my retina."

Varner is also angry with UFC interim heavyweight champ Frank Mir, who serves as the color voice on Versus:

"I don't know if he just doesn't like me or doesn't like my style. Maybe we have some sort of personality conflict. He was always talking about 'Cerrone this, Cerrone that. Cerrone's pushing action, I don't know who to give the rounds to.' Are you (expletive) kidding me? You're supposed to be a world champion fight and you couldn't tell who was winning that fight?"

Click below to hear Varner talk about the fans, Mir and Cerrone's style (ProMMARadio):

The conversation probably won't help to slow the wave of fans who think Varner is a bit of a whiner. He did tell Pepe that he's due for surgery on his broken right hand in the next few weeks. That may keep Varner out for 3-5 months.

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