Urijah Faber’s rib was broken early in loss to Renan Barao (PHOTO)

Maggie Hendricks

Urijah Faber lost in his second shot at a UFC title at UFC 149 in Calgary on Saturday night, and walked away with the extra bonus of a broken rib. He said a knee from Renan Barao broke it in the first round, and tweeted his X-ray.

Faber has experience with gutting his way through a fight with an injury. He injured both his hands early in a loss to Mike Brown in 2009, and finished the five-round fight.

Though the bout wasn't a thriller, it was hardly worth the boos the crowd sent Faber and Barao's way. After the not great bout between James Head and Brian Ebersole, the boring bout between Cheick Kongo and Shawn Jordan, and the bizarre snooze fest between Tim Boetsch and Hector Lombard, only a fight stoppage would do.

They must have forgotten Faber is hard to finish. He can ignore injuries, and hasn't lost by a stoppage since he was TKOed by Brown in November of 2008.

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