Underground Forum fan White gives House of Pain to the readers

It's where so many ITG's (Internet Tough Guys) test their "game" but only the strong survive and it's also the site UFC president Dana White claims to check each day on the web. The Underground Forum has long been a spot for good MMA trash talk and where White can feel the pulse of hardcore fans. Now he's paying them back with a giveaway trip to Boston:

When I first started following this sport there was hardly anything about it online. When I eventually joined the UG community it was awesome because I had a place I could go to talk about MMA, the UFC and the fighters with people who were knowledgeable and knew what was going on. I might not agree with everything that I see but the great thing about the UG is the people- you guys really do care about the sport and the athletes and I truly appreciate it, and that’s the thing that has always kept me coming back.

White is throwing a big bash at the Roxy in Boston where House of Pain is reuniting on St. Patrick's Day:

For the past eight months, you’ve seen my vlogs and now it’s your turn. Make a video and tell me why I should fly you and three of your friends out to my Southie stomping grounds, take care of your accommodations, and give you tickets to the biggest and best (by invitation-only) St. Patrick’s Day party on the east coast! It’s that simple. To the winners, you and your crew will have a night you will NEVER forget and, trust me, it’s going to be crazy! Good luck!

- Dana White

Is this real? I hope so. Two winners will be chosen later this week. They win four tickets to the St. Patrick’s Day private party, roundtrip airfare for the contest winner and for three guests plus hotel accommodations.

When does the David Stern/NBA fan prize pack get announced? That's right, never. Stern hasn't spoken with an average fan in 20 years.

Just think in the time you could be posting a nasty response to this, you could actually make a video and win a trip!

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