UltimateBall mixes MMA, soccer, rugby, basketball and a dash of awesome

Did you ever watch soccer and think, "This really needs some takedowns?" Or rugby and think, "Why isn't this played in a cage?" Or basketball and think, "An armbar would have been perfect right there?" Good news. The people from Ultimate Challenge MMA came up with Ultimate Ball.

Watch the first minute to get an idea of the newest game that will clearly take the world by storm. Watch the entire video to get a good laugh in as the announcers don't even understand what's going on as they ask, "What's the score?" in the final minute.

UCMMA has big hopes for UltimateBall, as the description on the YouTube video suggests:

In 1993 they said that UFC will never take off, look at it now, UltimateBall is the sport of the future, this isn't just an MMA ad on this is a NEW sport in its own right.

True, but in the 1960s, jai alai organizers thought their sport would be bigger than baseball, but which sport had their big opening day last week? Still, good luck to UCMMA and UltimateBall. Chaos can be fun to watch.