'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: Two, two, two fights in one!

There wasn't a great image to go with this week's recap, so here is a picture of Chuck Liddell dancing.

According to my menu on digital cable, Dana White is going to make a shocking announcement. Maybe he's going to turn the Octagon into a hexagon. Maybe he's going to give up promoting fights for a life in a yurt. We'll soon find out on tonight's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter."

The first thing we find out is that Kyacey Uscola is more than the proud recipient of a wild card. He's also a proud papa, as he gets a call that his son, Charles Champ Uscola, was born. Kris McCray, his opponent in the wild card match, has no problem congratulating Uscola, despite the inherent awkwardness in facing a teammate. Tito Ortiz, their coach, will stay on the bleachers when his two fighters duke it out.

Wild card bout: Kyacey Uscola (Team Punishment) vs. Kris McCray (Team Punishment)

Round 1: After feeling each other out with stand-up, Uscola delivers a kick to McCray's knee that makes McCray wince. Uscola doesn't pounce immediately, but waits a second to try to take McCray down, and McCray gets the advantage when they go to the ground. They get back to their feet and clinch against the fence. McCray delivers a low blow and Uscola is given time to recover. In that time, we can overhear Dana White say, "His knee is hurting him." If that's true, we can't see it, because McCray continues to dominate, slamming Uscola down and controlling the bout until the round ends.

Round 2: McCray starts with another big takedown and moves to side control. McCray secures a kimura, twists it and Uscola submits.

With all of the quarterfinalists decided, White, Ortiz and Chuck Liddell get together to decide matchups. Unshockingly, Ortiz and Liddell squabble over it. Both Ortiz and Liddell whine that Dana will show preference to the other one.

The quarterfinal matchups are:

Nick Ring vs. Court McGee

Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray

Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski

Jamie Yager vs. Josh Bryant

Liddell asks that if his team wins every one of their fights, can they send Tito home?

Back at the house, Forrest Griffin pops in to film an extended commercial for play UFC: Undisputed 2010 with the cast. The happiness is short-lived, as we cut to Nick Ring's visit to the doctor. His knee is severely screwed up (yes, that's a technical term) and needs another ACL reconstruction. The doctor says that he may be able to hold on for another fight or two, but that's the best-case scenario. Ring has a decision to make.

White shows up at the house to talk it over with Ring, and the fighters realize something is up. Ring doesn't think he could win a fight right now, so he is going to pull out of the fight. That means that a spot is open for another fighter.

Before White leaves, Hammortree runs after Dana to say, "I want that fight." Clearly, Hammortree knows what Dana likes, as he turns right back around to tell the fighters that Hammortree has Ring's spot. Joe Henle, who lost a close fight last week, seems annoyed that White made the decision that quickly, but anyone who has watched the UFC at all should know that nothing makes White a happier man than a fighter showing that they will do anything to make it to the UFC.

James Hammortree (Team Punishment) vs. Court McGree (Team Liddell)

Round 1: Hammortree is successful with kicks until McGee catches a kick to take Hammortree down. Unfortunately for McGee, Hammortree doesn't stay down for long. The fighters return to their feet, with both fighters trying to work a jab. McGee turns a clinch into a takedown, but again can't keep the bout on the ground. After they stand up for a few seconds, Hammortree goes for the takedown. He tries to take McGee's back, but McGee turns, faces Hammortree and gets a double leg to get control. The round ends with McGee in control.

Round 2: Hammortree shoots in for a takedown, McGee catches him in a guillotine, and Hammortree taps out. With that win, McGee is a semifinalist.

Next week, we finally get to see what takes Ortiz out of his UFC 115 bout with Chuck Liddell.