'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: 'Put the tooth on ice'

What the hell happened to Bisping is the most pressing question of this week. He didn't show for Dean Amasinger's fight, and of course, Amasinger lost. Amasinger may have some serious abandonment issues to work through after that. The other tough question is UK fighter Martin Stapleton somehow GSP's long lost British cousin? Luckily, we won't have to dwell for too long on those questions as there are two fights tonight. Huzzah!

Back at the house, Jason Pierece made fun of Cameron Dollar's discussion of how to get out of a triangle choke, which Cameron overhears and then complains about how the house does things to you. Really? Did a closet door just slam you in the face? He then says that he knows he will be picked next for the fight.

He's right! Martin Stapleton (UK) vs. Cameron Dollar (USA) will be the first fight of the night. Dollar does not look happy about the match-up, and says that he got himself into this situation, and he is going to get himself back out. That isn't exactly the same confident trash he's been spewing thus far.

At Team UK's training, Bisping apologizes to Dean, and says that he slept through the fight. Bisping calls his excuse pathetic, which it is, but then turns quickly to Stapleton's fight. Bisping thinks that Stapleton's striking is going to win the fight for him.

Cameron is a wrestler, so he's comfortable in Henderson's camp. Henderson is concerned about Cameron's stand-up, which could be a problem with a striker like Stapleton. Henderson goes on to say the famous last words, "If Cameron can stick to his gameplan, there is no way he will lose this fight."

Martin Stapleton vs. Cameron Dollar (lightweight)

Cameron starts with sloppy stand-up, including a kick that nearly gets him taken down. Seconds later, Martin does drive a double leg, pushing Cameron into the cage, and eventually taking him down. Cameron gets Stapleton's back and tries for a rear naked choke. When that doesn't work, he stays on Stapleton's back and throws punches until he gets another shot at a rear naked choke. This time, it works. Dollar is the winner, mostly because he listened to his coaches. After the win, Henderson said that the look on Bisping's face was as shocked as he expected it to be.

We head directly into the next fight announcement, with Team USA in control. Hendo says that it will be Frank Lester (USA) vs. James Wilks (UK).

Wilks trains in the United States, though he was born and raised in England. He is comfortable on the ground. Lester plans on breaking his face, as he goes off on a profanity-laced tirade about how Wilks is a traitor because he's not a Brit but he's not an American. Well, then how is he a traitor? Lester really doesn't like Wilks.

Henderson wants Lester to stick and move, and stay on his feet. According to Hendo, Lester's problem is that he needs to calm down a bit. At the end of practice, Hendo has to order Lester out of the cage and try to calm him down. It doesn't seem to work, as Lester shows us his elbow tattoo that appears to be of a blade with spiderwebs on it, and he says, "These things cut people up!" Spiderwebs cut people up? That's not been my experience. Damarques Johnson doesn't help in settling down Lester, as he offers $100 for every tooth that Lester knocks out of Wilks' mouth.

Frank Lester vs. James Wilks (welterweight)

Round one: As soon as the fight starts, we see how Lester still has not calmed down. He shuffles around the cage like he's warming up for Jazzercise. About a minute and a half in, Lester knocks Wilks down, but then nearly gets caught in an ankle lock, and then ends up on his back with Wilks having side control. It was uglier than it sounds. The ugliness continues as Lester sort of gets out, but then Wilks falls on him, and both miss out on about a billion submissions. For people trying to learn the sport, this is NOT how it's done. They finally end back up on their feet, where Wilks connects on some wicked knees. They clinch, and both land knees. With 30 seconds left to go, Wilks takes down Lester, and Bisping yells, "Just stay there and catch your breath." Uh-huh. And you wonder why people don't like you Lyoto Michael?

Between rounds, when Steve Mazzagatti calls the fighters back to the center of the cage, Lester doesn't come right back. Bisping goes crazy, yelling, "If he can't fight, he can't fight!"

It turns out that Lester's tooth has been knocked out and is stuck in his mouthguard. Mazzagatti gives Lester's corner time to work on the mouth guard, and both Bisping and Wilks are pissed. Finally, the tooth is extracted, and Mazzagatti says to put the tooth on ice. Is he a dentist on the side? Does he plan on reattaching a tooth?

Round two: Lester fights much more tentatively as the second round starts. Wilks lands a few kicks, some knees while in the clinch, and a few punches. Lester's nose is bleeding badly, and Wilks has full control of Lester. Wilks gets side control and executes a perfect armbar, which makes Lester submit verbally.

Later, we find out that it's all of Lester's four front teeth that were knocked out. They were fake teeth, but nonetheless, wow. One knee knocked out all four teeth. As the episode ends, Lester spits into the garbage and says, "Oh, there's a tooth!"

MMA. Where spitting up your teeth happens.

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