'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: Goodbye, sweet Tito

In last week's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz had some words with each other over the result of a fight, and then Dana White told Liddell that Ortiz had pulled out of their fight. According to the man who tells us what is happening in tonight's episode, Dana White will make one of "the most shocking decisions in Ultimate Fighter history!" Aren't you glad you tuned in?

Liddell reacts to the news that he won't fight his nemesis calmly and coolly. Just kidding! He calls Ortiz another word for a cat and throws a tantrum. Luckily for the doors in the newly remodeled TUF-gym, he didn't beat up any furniture.

At the house, Jamie Yager boasts that the quarterfinal matchup with Josh Bryant is what he's been training for all season, saying that everything Ortiz has taught them will come to play during the fight.

Quarterfinal bout: Josh Bryant (Team Liddell) vs. Jamie Yager (Team Ortiz or Punishment or whatever)

Round 1: They start with a clinch where Yager uses his height to dominate Bryant. When they break, Yager's lands a few kicks, including one to Bryant's groin, so Bryant is given a second to recover. When the fight resumes, Yager is the aggressor, landing more kicks to Bryant's head. Then Bryant comes back and knocks Yager down with a series of punches. Bryant ends the round in Yager's guard.

Throughout out the fight, someone is yelling (or maybe singing?) "OHHHH! HEEYYYY" with every strike. To say it's annoying is like saying, "Dana White is slightly outspoken."

Round 2: Again, Yager is the aggressor, landing punches and low kicks. Bryant tries to return but hits Yager in the groin, causing a break in the fight. Ortiz tells Yager to get going so that Bryant won't get a break. Yager continues his kicking onslaught, even whiffing on a flying knee. Bryant grabs one of the kicks and takes Yager down, then moves to side control. He lands an elbow or two before Yager slips out. The fight then turns into a back and forth standup battle, with Yager getting the slight edge until Bryant knocks Yager down and takes side control. Bryant ends the round landing elbow after elbow.

When the bell rings, Bryant gets up and heads back to his corner. Yager stays on his hands and knees, breathing heavily. His teammates egg him on to return to the corner, but Yager is clearly spent, but he's not going to rest any time soon, as the fight is called a draw and they have to go to the third round.

Round 3: Except, wait. No round three because Yager says he can't continue and doesn't answer the bell. Bryant advances to the semis.

John Hackleman and Liddell yell, "Just like Tito!"All that does is rile up Ortiz, who calls Yager that other name for a cat. Yager leaves in an ambulance while Ortiz tells his team that if you don't have heart, this is the wrong sport.

And now, for the most shocking decision in TUF history ever ever ever for reals, y'all. White comes into Team Ort-nishment's room and asks Tito if he can see him for a second. Dun-dun-dun.

White tells Ortiz that he has to go see a specialist for his neck, and that it's up to Ortiz as to what he wants to do. Oh, and, it's Ortiz's last day to coach the show. Tito says, "What do you mean?" Tito, you were fired on "The Apprentice." Is this a tough thing to understand? White tells him that they've made another fight for Chuck, and they need to start Tito's neck recovery process as soon as possible.

Ortiz gets into his car and drives off without saying anything to his team. That leaves White to tell Ortiz's fighters. The team is upset both that Tito left without saying goodbye and that they're losing their coach in the final days of the show.

Yager comes back to the house with no damage. He says that anyone who questions his work ethic can bring it. Isn't that what Josh Bryant just did?

Ortiz does come to the house to talk to the guys. He's clearly upset because he did enjoy coaching.

There is still business to take care of, as the semifinals have to be announced.

Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee

Kris McCray vs. Josh Bryant

Bryant has already beaten McCray, the lone team Ortiz member.

The new coach is ... wait, you're going to be so shocked. Rich Franklin! The guy who is facing Liddell at UFC 115.

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