'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: Funky chickens

In this tenth season of "The Ultimate Fighter," the quarterfinals are set with seven of Rashad Evans' fighters still in the mix, and just one of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's athletes, Marcus Jones, still alive.

Rashad is already concerned about how to coach seven guys who will end up facing each other. The solution is that their practices won't be as specialized, and they won't be giving directions on how to beat their opponent. Roy Nelson and Justin Wren are the first to fight, and they are already noticing how weird it is to practice with their opponent.

On the way home from practice, Matt Mitrione acts as if something's wrong with his head. He said that his headache was really bad, and that he was dizzy and nauseous. The guys wonder if he has a concussion, which could open the door for another fighter *cough* Kimbo Slice *cough* to come back. Mitrione is taken to the hospital, and the coaches wait to find out his status.

This season has been relatively low on pranks, but Rampage and his assistant coach/yes man Tiki Ghosn put an end to that. Since they think Team Rashad is so cocky, they fill Team Rashad's coaches' cars with cocks. That's right -- they fill it with stinky chickens. As Rampage puts it, "Those chickens were FUNKY." And not this sort of funky chicken, either.

When Rashad and his coaches come out, they take it well. They named the chickens, ran after them and even employed a certain training method from "Rocky." Rampage is disappointed that not only does Rashad take it well, but that he gets a new, better rental car for the duration of the show.

Back at the house, Mitrione gets back from the hospital and says that his brain is rattled. Kimbo says that Mitrione has "sand in his [expletive]" just because he went to the hospital. Dana White shows up to check in on Mitrione, and tells him that if the doctor clears him, he has to fight. Scott Junk points out that he's ready to go if Mitrione can't.

Finally, they start talking about this week's fight. Dana points out that Roy Nelson really loves Roy Nelson, but Dana is yet to be impressed by him. Nelson says that Wren looks up to him as a mentor.

Roy Nelson vs. Justin Wren (quarterfinal)

Round 1: Wren starts off the fight throwing several combinations at Nelson until Nelson pushes Wren against the fence. They are pulled off the fence, and again, Wren is the aggressor. Nelson finally wakes up in the final two minutes of the round, landing a few punches when Wren lets his hands drop. Nelson finishes the round by running away from Wren's punches. Cagewriter gives the first round to Wren.

Between rounds, Rampage says to Zak Jensen, who is admiring Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste, "Why are you looking at my girlfriend like that? Ha ... She wishes!" Of course she does, Rampage.

Round 2: Wren starts the round throwing punches and kicks, but Nelson doesn't appear to be fazed. The two get into a clinch, where Nelson uses the upper cut. They break up and Nelson lands a hook and a jab and a jab and a jab and a jab. After that, a jab. Nelson really comes alive as the round reaches its final minute, whereas Justin is gassed.

The fight is over after two rounds, which doesn't seem to make sense as Justin seemed to win round one, and Nelson seems to have won round two. Unfortunately, the judges don't agree with me as they score it 20-18, 19-19, 20-18 for Roy Nelson. White says, "The day we see Roy Nelson in a fight that is exciting that he made exciting, I will give him his props."

A viewer's note: Spike TV has been starting the show late and ending it late, thus ending it outside of its recording window. This is beyond annoying. I realize that they don't want us to use DVRs, but guess what? The world uses them. This is the sort of stuff that makes me stop watching a television show. Please stop being annoying, Spike.

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