'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: 'You either have it or you don't'

In the previous episode, everyone thinks Jason Pierce is a wuss, Bisping came out with the line of the show so far, asking Faulkner, "How the [expletive] do you hit yourself with a hammer?" Ross Pearson took out Richie Whitson, and the Brits are up 4-2.

Pierce starts the show out by whining. Last week, I called him Whiner/Moaner/Complainer but his alwaus negative demeanor has now earned him a new nickname, Eeyore. He claims a staph infection in his leg, and it looks pretty gross.

Apparently, Faulkner has a hard time keeping his mouthguard -- or as he calls it, his gum shield -- in his mouth. He has a bad gag reflex, and it bothers him to keep it in his mouth. If it falls out too often, he could lose a point or even worse, the fight. It's a silly little thing, but something he needs to deal with or it could hurt his career.

To recharge his fighters, Dan Henderson takes his fighters to do some cardio training by playing Ultimate Frisbee. It's quite a different game than I've seen played on the quad in college. They're tackling each other, diving for the frisbee, and having a great time.

Everyone except Pierce, of course. He is complaining about the pain from his leg, and that the doctor doesn't think he should fight because his leg hurts. Heath Sims, one of Hendo's assistant coaches, calls Pierce on his BS. Hendo makes the understatement of the year by saying, "I think it would be better if he just cheered up a little." His teammates back up Hendo, as Santino DeFranco points out that Pierce, and our own Jason Dent, always eat what DeFranco has cooked but they don't help out. The little things matter a lot when you're living with the same guys for weeks on end.

Our own Dent will finally fight!

With Pierce's leg keeping him out, Dent is finally up against Jeff Lawson. Bisping is confident of a quick submission. DeFranco is convinced that Dent is crazy because of the house. Hendo says that Dent is resistant to change, and is irritated by that. When talking to Hendo after practice, Dent says famous last words, "I do that in training but I won't do it in the fight."

Lawson, on the other hand, is a teammate who likes to entertain everyone. He, Amasinger and Faulker work together to put on a pro wrestling match to keep everyone laughing. Boredom does funny things to people.

Headed into the fight, Lawson is pretty sure that he is being underestimated. "Everyone understimates me. I'm a ginger, for God's sake! Everyone underestimates gingers, don't they?" Indeed, Jeff. Indeed.

Pierce is called into the office by Dana White to discuss his leg issues. Dana said that the doctor said Pierce can fight, but Dana wants to talk to Pierce, nonetheless. Dana figures out what everyone watching the show already knows, "This kid does not want to fight."

Finally, fight time!

Jeff Lawson vs. Jason Dent (Lightweight)

Round 1: Lawson tries a beautiful spinning kick that would have been awesome, had it connected. Lawson walks into a weird takedown, so that when they fall, Dent has Lawson's back, but Lawson is in control. Lawson tries for a knee bar, but it doesn't work. He gets on top and tries to ground and pound, but again, it doesn't work. Lawson slams Dent, but doesn't accomplish much with it. Dent is not listening to his corner. As the round ends, Dent makes a last minute push, but the round clearly belonged to Lawson.

Round 2: Again, Lawson starts with a spinning kick that doesn't connect, but then tries for a takedown, but is unsuccessful. Twice. After the second time, Dent tries for a guillotine and throws some punches to the side of Lawson's head. After they stand up, Lawson sort of falls to the ground and pulls Dent on top of him. Lawson tries for a leg lock but is unsuccessful and they wind up back on their feet. Herb Dean warns Dent about hitting the back of Lawson's head, and then Dent rolls Lawson into an anaconda choke. Lawson taps, and Dent wins.

After the win, Dana points out how Lawson gassed out and Dent didn't finish him. "That was far, far, far from impressive." Another bombshell from Dana? He's not going to let Pierce fight. Dana doesn't think that Pierce really wants to fight, saying, "You either have it or you don't. Jason Pierce doesn't have it."

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