'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: A broken jaw will ruin your day

It's Wednesday night, which means it's time for another "Ultimate Fighter." Last week, despite Dana White questioning his team picks, Chuck Liddell's team started off the season with a win.

At the beginning of the episode, the fighters are gathered together, and they have no idea why they are there. Unfortunately, it's to find out that Chris Camozzi can't fight because his jaw is broken from the preliminary fight. White tells him, "You're talented, you've got big balls, you've got a lot of heart, but you've got a broken jaw." It's clear that Camozzi has made a good impression on White, so hopefully we'll hear good things from him in the future.

White tells Tito Ortiz, who coached Camozzi, that he can pick from four fighters who were healthy after the prelim fights. Meanwhile, Team Liddell is flying high after winning their first bout. Assistant coach John Hackleman says that their camp is a happy camp.

Seth Baczynski is chosen by Ortiz to replace Camozzi. After he is introduced, Liddell announces the next fight is Brad Tavares vs. James Hammortree.

At Ortiz's practice, Jamie Yaeger and Nick Ring get into it while sparring, with Yaeger calling Ring a name for a female dog. Ortiz tries to quell them by giving his fighters the "Rah, rah, team first!" speech, but neither Yaeger nor Ring look like they're buying it.

During fighter weigh-ins, Yaeger says that if Tavares -- who is not on his team -- wins, he won't knock him for "doing his thing." So no, Tito's speech definitely didn't work.

Tavares is 22 and from Hilo, Hawaii. Yes, 22. His opponent -- who is just 23 -- says that his nickname is "The Sledge" Hammortree because he's got a sledge hammer built into his right hand. I'm sure it has nothing to do with his last name.

Brad Tavares (Team Liddell) vs. James Hammortree (Team Punishment)

Round One: Steve Mazzagatti is the referee, which had to make Dana White happy. Hammortree starts the bout with a single leg, driving Tavares into the fence. As Hammortree tries for a takedown, Tavares gets the better position and tries to take Hammortrees back. He can't get hooks in, and Hammortree gets out. After more battling for position, they get back to their feet. Tavares gets a takedown, and the two continue to grapple for position.

Though Hammortree promised before the fight to show off his coach's brand of ground 'n' pound, this bout is a whole lot of ground without much pound.

Round Two: The second round starts with more awkward grappling. As they stand up from it, Tavares throws a knee then falls on his butt. Hammortree takes advantage of it and takes Tavares' back. Hammortree continues to have a hard time knowing what to do from the top, as he nearly moves into position for Tavares to have a Kimura, but it doesn't happen. Hammortree rides out Tavares for the rest of the round.

After the first two rounds are over, Ortiz tells Hammortree that he should get ready for a third round. Yes! Let's have five more minutes of awful grappling. Dana White confirms it; the fight is going into sudden victory.

Round Three:Surprisingly, the fighters nearly go a minute before attempting a takedown. This time, Hammortree gets Tavares to the ground fairly easily, and then mounts him, but can't keep the mount. Tavares tries to inflict damage and get a Kimura while Hammortree goes for another single-leg takedown. Hammortree continues to work for the takedown throughout the round but can't make it happen.

Dana White says afterwards, "That was a good fight!" No, no it wasn't. Sorry, Dana. The judges decision is for Tavares, and Team Punishment reacts as if they are at school on Saturday. This makes it two wins in a row for Team Liddell.

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