The Ultimate Fighter needs to go away

Eight seasons in and the UFC's highly successful reality needs major changes or it needs to go bye-bye according to Yahoo's Kevin Iole. He didn't see a big-time prospect on the show who could have any impact on a high level until 3-4 years down the road. He was uninspired by the chances that any of the 205-pounders will emerge as stars in the future and the 155ers are very raw. Even worse Iole says the antics on the show are ridiculous and turning off a good portion of the audience:

"People don't want to see that. I think that's really the problem. People like the fights, like to see the fighters train and get to know them. As later shows go on there hasn't been discipline from the UFC brass. They continue to let them drink in the house which I think is a dangerous situation. If this is the best The Ultimate Fighter can do can do then they need to get rid of the show."

He says it flies in the face what the organization is normally pitching:

"They're trying to sell MMA as a family sport and one where the fighters are different than they are in other sports. And that they're intelligent and not these animals that some might want to portray them to be. And then they allow that kind of stuff to happen, it doesn't make sense."

Click below to listen to Iole interview (ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield):

Iole says anytime the subject of eliminating the antics on the show is brought up to UFC president Dana White he defends it by saying boys will be boys. Frank Mir, who was a coach on this most recent season, said he protested several times to the show's producers and was basically told to shutup and deal with it.

What changes does the show need? I hate certain element of boxing's reality show The Contender. But I do like the fact that there's more a back story presented. Also, why not find a way to mix in some of the lighter weights (135 and 145) on the show?

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