‘The Ultimate Fighter: Live’ debut talkback thread

Maggie Hendricks

A new era of the UFC's reality show, "The Ultimate Fighter," dawns tonight as the show moves to FX and starts airing live. Starting at 9 p.m. ET, tonight's episode will run for two and a half hours. As has happened in previous seasons, fighters will have to win a bout to get in the house. Every one of those fights will air live tonight.

The live shows also means that Cagewriter won't be able to recap shows ahead of time. Instead, I'll open a thread on Friday afternoons, and Cagereaders can discuss the show here as well as Bellator bouts. If you prefer to talk about it on Facebook, I'll open a thread there, too.

I'll be at Bellator's fights in Hammond, Ind., tonight, so look for plenty from their first fights of the season. Follow Cagewriter on Twitter for plenty from the fights. And as always, thanks for reading Cagewriter.

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