'The Ultimate Fighter' 11: Everybody hates Yager

Just a few episodes in to the eleventh season of "The Ultimate Fighter," a villain has started to emerge. Will he make his full appearance tonight?

The narrator tells us that there are two bouts in this one episode, which means less time for them to make fun of each other and more time for the fighters to actually fight each other. Excellent.

During the last bout between Hammortree and Tavares, Jamie Yager ruffled his team's feathers by cheering for Tavares, who was fighting Hammortree. Nick Ring confronted Yaeger on this, but Yaeger didn't seem to pay much attention to him.

As it turns out, Yager has started his own team, "The Minority Report," which consist of Tavares, Kyle Noke and Kris McCray. Yager has clearly ticked off many people within the house, so this drama is likely to continue.

But who cares about that when there are fights to announce! Team Liddell is 2-0, so Chuck again has the pick for the next matchup. He picks Rich Attonito (Team Liddell) vs. Kyacey Uscola (Team Punishment).

Uscola is an experienced fighter out of Team Alpha Male with a good wrestling pedigree, while Attonito has a great pedigree of nicknames. "Rich Boombots, Richie the Guido, Richie the Bull, Richie No-Nose ..." I'd call BS on these nicknames if it wasn't for the fact that I have relatives and friends with the same nicknames.

Remember the continuing drama I mentioned? I was right. Uscola thinks that Yager stole something from him, and the two of them engage in some classic, profanity-laced smack talk. Hey, aren't thse guys on the same team? Yes. Yes, they are. This bickering continues even with Tito Ortiz around. Can we get to a fight, please?

Because of previous commitments, Liddell has to miss Attonito's bout, so Jake Shields and Howard Davis corner Attonito for this bout.

Kyacey Uscola (Team Punishment) vs. Rich Attonito (Team Liddell)

Round 1: Attonito lands the first punch early on, and after more standup, Attonito knocks Uscola down and then pounds him relentlessly. Uscola manages to survive and even gets to his feet, but is then slammed back to the ground. Uscola's experience shows as he takes control of Attonito on the ground. As Attonito tries to get back to his feet, Uscola lands two knees while Attonito is still on the ground.

Referee Josh Rosenthal stops the bout as the doctor checks on Attonito. Rosenthal calls the disqualification as Uscola yells, "GET UP! FIGHT!" and Attonito struggles to stand up. Ortiz questions the disqualification, but Uscola landed not one but two illegal knees. Ortiz takes his anger out on a door, ripping it apart.

Unfortunately for Attonito, he broke his hand during the bout and he may need surgery on it. There's no time to dwell on that, though, because we have another fight announcement. Since Team Liddell won last, they still have control. Liddell announces Charles Blanchard vs. Jamie Yager.

Ortiz understands Yager because, according to Tito, they both come from the same situations. Ortiz tells Yager to win so that he can shut everyone up. This includes his own teammates, as Uscola even says he wants Yager's face to get knocked in.

Jamie Yager (Team Punishment) vs. Charles Blanchard (Team Liddell)

Round 1: Blanchard shoots in for a takedown, but Yager works his way out of it and back to his feet. Yager then knocks Blanchard down with a right hook and then finishes him off.

With that, Ortiz finally has control and will pick the fight matchup on the next episode.

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