UK fighter tries to fake a glove tap, gets knocked out (VIDEO)

Maggie Hendricks

At Absolute Adrenaline Platinum in Dorset, England, Adam Fyfe tried to pull the old-fake-a-glove-tap-and-go-in-for-the-knockout shtick. It didn't work. His opponent Alex Thorne recognized it, then came back to knock Fyfe out in 29 seconds.

Fyfe was never taught the old adage that cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.

By the way, eight days after Fyfe was knocked out here, he made his pro debut and was knocked out in less than a minute. The UK regularly hosts the UFC and will do so again in February for an event at Wembley Stadium. It has several burgeoning smaller promotions, but it looks like their regulation leaves much to be desired.

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