UFN 25′s Three Stars: Ellenberger, Belcher and Waldburger

Maggie Hendricks

The UFC's first trip to New Orleans was full of decisions, then ended with a knockout that pushed a welterweight into the title picture. Below are Cagewriter's picks for Three Stars from Ultimate Fight Night 25. Tell us yours in the comments or on Facebook.

No. 1 star -- Jake Ellenberger: When Ellenberger first was matched up with Jake Shields, trash talk from Ellenberger made Shields ask, "Who is this guy?" He found out, as Ellenberger knocked out Shields in less than a minute in the main event. Shields disputed the knockout, but considering that he tried to wrestle the referee, it's safe to say it was a reasonable stoppage. With his fifth win, he is looking for a welterweight title shot.

No. 2 star -- Alan Belcher: The Louisiana-born fighter went through dangerous procedures on his eye last year that put his fighting career in doubt. Belcher didn't accept his dire prognosis from doctors. Instead, he worked hard so that he could fight again, and returned to the Octagon with a bang on Saturday night. His unrelenting strikes caused Jason MacDonald to submit in the first round.

No. 3 star -- T.J. Waldburger: If you didn't tune into the preliminary fights on Facebook, you missed out on the jiu-jitsu clinic that Waldburger put on Mike Stumpf. He submitted Stumpf in the first round with a slick transition from an armbar to a triangle choke.

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