UFC on Versus 5: Miller ready to prove he’s among the best lightweights

Maggie Hendricks

MILWAUKEE -- You can count on Jim Miller to always bring some good facial hair. At today's open workouts for UFC on Versus 5, a red mustache and pointy goatee sprouted from his face. He explained that it's all for the children.

"I'm having a little boy in September, and his name is going to be Wyatt, so I wanted to greet him with the nice Wyatt Earp curled mustache. With my daughter, I grew a nice thick protest beard, once she was born, I shaved it into a celebration mustache," Earp Miller said. (He assured Cagewriter that the protest was just because he was jealous that his wife got to hold the baby throughout the pregnancy, and the celebration was for when his daughter was born.)

You can also count on Miller to win. He has strung together seven straight victories, but still finds himself just short of a title shot in the stacked lightweight division. That doesn't seem to bother him as he prepares for his bout with Ben Henderson.

"It's pretty easy, because I'm here to fight the best, and I know I can beat anybody in the world. The way the title picture has worked out, you can't expect anything. You gotta wait it out and let these guys settle it. And I've been training my butt off so I can beat them."

Miller has been patient about waiting for the title shot, not complaining publicly about how he is often forgotten among the best lightweights. He happily takes the fights assigned to him, but lately has become more confident in speaking out on his own behalf.

He claims it's not an attitude change, but an increase in comfort around media.

"I've pretty much had the same attitude. I knew I could hang with these guys. I feel great, I feel sharp, I'm learning new things every day. It's more just getting comfortable with the mike in my face. It comes out a lot easier than it did three years ago.:

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