UFC-TMZ relationship working out nicely: 'UFC fighter arrested'

It was clear last week that the UFC was being slightly cooperative with the our good friends over at TMZ. Thiago Alves and his management team made sure to call the popular news/gossip site with daily updates about his CAT Scan issues. Even UFC president Dana White was "caught" on the street for a quickie interview.

So that means TMZ won't cover the negative stories around the UFC, right? Fat chance. Want proof? When a fighter who last fought for the UFC in May of 2008 gets arrested, he'll still be labeled a UFC fighter.

Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver was popped again last night. This time for fighting outside a bar in San Diego. TMZ has all the photos and the story is slugged:

"UFC fighter busted - assault with a deadly weapon"

Outrageous, right? War Machine isn't anywhere close to fighting for the UFC now. Just two of his 13 fights were with the UFC. That's not fair to the promotion. Tough luck. TMZ doesn't filter or show favoritism. And that's the way it should be.

It's also looking for the most traffic possible. The average reader of TMZ doesn't know anything about mixed martial arts beyond the UFC, so if you ever fought in the UFC and you're on TMZ, you're a "UFC fighter." Welcome to the big time!