The UFC sneaks its way on to Strikeforce broadcast

On Saturday night's Strikeforce fights, the UFC still managed to show up during the commercials. In between the many ads for Full-Tilt Poker and Geico, two UFC stars got some screen time.

After the first round of the first bout, CBS had time to show one 30-second ad. What was it? The Under Armour ad featuring UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. The spot concluded with GSP yelling, "I will protect this house!"

Not only that, but HD Net ran several ads touting its comprehensive coverage of MMA. One of the ads gave a clip of the new show "Fighting Words with Mike Straka," and Straka's first guest, UFC president Dana White. In the ad, White said, "I'm the dream maker."

Unfortunately, that ad money may not have been well spent. The ratings were down for "Saturday Night Fights," and did not come close to winning their time slot.

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