UFC's Anthony Johnson: 'I'll never fight Rashad Evans'

Elias Cepeda
UFC's Anthony Johnson: 'I'll never fight Rashad Evans'
UFC's Anthony Johnson: 'I'll never fight Rashad Evans'

Former teammates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones eventually fought one another after a bitter feud, but current Evans teammate Anthony Johnson says that will never happen with him and "Suga." "That just won't happen," Johnson told UFC.com.

"That's just how it's going to be with me. I'll tell them I'll go up to heavyweight and fight. By that time Rashad should have a fight, and whatever the outcome is going to be, is going to be. Then I can have my fights at heavyweight or light heavyweight.

“But I won't fight him, ever. We fight each other every day in the gym, so I think it's just pointless to go down that road and fight a brother."

There are plenty of people on the resurgent UFC star's hit-list, however. First off, he'd like to fight Ryan Bader in October.

Bader beat Ovince St. Preux last week via unanimous decision. Johnson was critical of the fight but still admires Bader's skill.

"It was a boring fight," he said of Bader's win.

"Exciting fighters put on exciting fights, and that's what fans want to see."

Johnson is finally willing to call out potential opponents. “People finally want me to start calling people out, you know what I mean?" he said.

"I never did that before. But I've always wanted to fight Ryan Bader because I've always thought he was a tough fighter.

"Nobody has really seen my wrestling, so a fight with [Bader] would be a good way for me to display my wrestling. In my opinion, he is a better wrestler than Phil Davis."

After Bader, Johnson says he'd like to fight number one contender Alexander Gustafsson on the same Jan. 3 card where Daniel Cormier will challenge Jon Jones for his light heavyweight title. "It will be a good fight," he said of fighting the Swede.

"Gus is taller than me, but I think we have the same amount of length of reach. So it'll be interesting. Gus likes to move a lot and I like to stalk people and see what they have to offer. It will be a hell of fight. I definitely want to give the fans what they want to see.

“Hopefully we can make the Jones-Cormier fight, one of those fights where that whole card is like a preview of what the light heavyweights have to offer."

Johnson's loyalty to teammates and ambition are both admirable. Do you think he can continue to roll through the 205 pound division to a title shot?

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