UFC's Andrei Arlovski: 'Glass jaw talk is B.S.'

Elias Cepeda
Andrei Arlovski doesn't buy the "glass jaw" talk (MMA Weekly)

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Andrei Arlovski doesn't buy the "glass jaw" talk (MMA Weekly)

Conventional wisdom has it that all former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has to do to beat Brendan Schaub this Saturday at UFC 174 is punch him once and the former football player will tumble due to a supposed "glass jaw."

All of Schaub's three losses have been by KO but Arlovski dismissed the notion in a recent interview with USA Today. “I think it’s all B.S." Arlovski said.

"The Pitbull" himself knows a lot about being called chinny after accruing seven KO losses in his career. Getting knocked out in the heavyweight division isn't about alleged weakness, but the simple result of big men hitting each other hard.

“People say I had a glass jaw or weak chin, too, and when I fought Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, the referee fell asleep, and I had the broken jaw in the first round because the referee made a mistake. I fought the second and third rounds with a broken jaw in two places, and he didn’t finish me," Arlovski detailed.

True enough. The referee of that 2013 did indeed lose track of time and let Johnson continue to punch Arlovski for seconds after the round had ended.

Even so, the Belarusian’s chin - bolstered by an intensive new neck strengthening program designed by his coach Said Hatim - held up. 

“I think it’s all [expletive]. The heavyweight division, if you land a good, good punch in the right place, everybody is going to fall," Arlovski said.

Who do you think will be left standing in the UFC 174 battle between heavy-handed heavyweights, Arlovski or Schaub? Let us know in the comments section.

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