UFC presser: Jackson-White casts doubt on UFC 98 appearance

Things change quickly in the world of UFC matchmaking. The organization found out Friday that its interim heavywight champ Frank Mir was possibly out of UFC 98 in late May against Brock Lesnar because of knee surgery earlier this week. That meant scramble time for UFC president Dana White and matchmaker Joe Silva. The revised plan was give Quinton Jackson a title shot against light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans, if he beat Keith Jardine and came out unscathed. If Jackson can't go then Evans gets unbeaten Lyoto Machida.

The UFC decided on a gameplan Friday evening but didn't tell Jackson until 15 minutes after his fight last night against Keith Jardine at UFC 96. One problem, he didn't come away from the fight uninjured. Jackson appeared to have some sort of arm injury. He was favoring his right hand, wrist or foreman during the postfight. He was barely able to slip on a pair of earphones once the press conference ended:

"I want my belt back but I need to talk to my manager. I'll tell Dana what's up probably in a couple of days."

Watch Jackson and White as they hesitate to confirm UFC 98's main event (3:00 mark):

Jackson is worried about another fight on short notice especially after he said he hit his peak too early for this one after going right back into training following his win on Dec. 27 at UFC 92:

"I felt like I was a litte bit overtrained tonight. I wanna be the best I can be. I don't want to just barely win. I want to knock guys the hell out.

White also addressed the Frank Mir injury at length saying his doctors didn't think the knee would healthy enough to train on until three weeks before that May 23rd date.

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