Can the UFC possibly cut Neer?

The UFC set a precedent with its decision to not discipline Quinton Jackson after his driving rampage in July. Jackson served no penalty and wasn't fined, so what can the UFC do to Josh Neer after his world's wildest police chase act on New Year's Day? Neer isn't so confident that he'll be fighting on Feb. 7 at Ultimate Fight Night 17 on SpikeTV. The UFC lightweight sat down with KDSM television in Des Moines and was grilled by reporter Elias Johnson.

Johnson said once you're done with the UFC, you're done! Is that entirely true? How many fighters has the organization cut based on disciplinary issues? It is very likely that Neer could be axed if he's blown out by Mac Danzig and drops to 3-5 in the UFC.

Neer was charged with OWI (DUI). Is there a difference between Neer's state of mind and Jackson's diagnosed delirium? Or does star power enter into the mix when making a decision on Neer's future?

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