UFC’s Johny Hendricks may be out for six months

Elias Cepeda

UFC welterweight challenger Johny Hendricks' bad luck continues as his right knee may keep him out of action for six months. MMA Weekly reports that Nevada has released its medical suspension list of UFC 167 fighters.

Saturday night Johny Hendricks lost a controversial split decision to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. UFC president Dana White railed against the decision and said he was confident that St. Pierre and Hendricks would soon rematch, despite GSP's vague announcement that he was stepping away from competition for some time.

However, Hendricks' right knee may be another impediment to his getting another shot at UFC gold. Nevada's medical suspension of Hendricks mandates that the fighter "must have orthopedic clearance on right knee or no contest until 05/17/14; minimum suspension no contest until 12/17/13, no contact until 12/08/13."

That is to say that unless Hendricks has an orthopedic doctor clear him earlier, he would not be licensed to fight again until May 17 of next year. Hendricks is not allowed to do contact training until Dec. 8 under the suspension.

St. Pierre has been medically suspended until Jan. 1 and he is not allowed to have contact training until Dec. 17. We will keep you posted with updates on both Hendricks' and St. Pierre's recoveries as news becomes available.

Do you think Hendricks' injured knee buys Dana White enough time to convince St. Pierre to fight again and to rematch the challenger? Let us know in the comments section.

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