The UFC gets dominated in the art department

Hardcore MMA fans often get worked up about the UFC vs. the rest of the world of fighting promotions. There can be arguments made on both sides about the strength of fights and fighters, the production of shows, and the credibility of the organizers. However, there is no question where the rest of the world tramples all over the UFC: fight posters.

Take these two posters for upcoming events. The UFC 98 one has the headlining fighters, the sponsor, and that's about it. The one for Dream 9, coming up next week and featuring Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza, Hong Man Choi and Jose Canseco, has a helicopter, fireworks, a couple of giants and a cool font. If you could only could only watch one event, and you could only decide based on the poster, which would you pick?

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