UFC on Fox controversy: Peralta and Semerzier clash heads, TKO win goes to Peralta


ANAHEIM - What a lousy way to end the best fight of the night thus far at the UFC on Fox undercard.

Robbie Peralta and Mackens Semerzier slugged away at one another for 11-plus minutes then the fighters clashed heads. It nearly knocked Semerzier out cold, he couldn't recover after a few more shots and referee John McCarthy stopped the fight to save the former Marine at the 1:54 mark of the third round in fight No. 4 at the Honda Center.

With 3:30 left in the fight, they both threw a big punch and Peralta's head smashed into Semerzier's. Semerzier flopped to his back and his arms went to the side. At first glance, it looked like he'd been nailed by a legitimate punch. The replay showed it was clearly a clash of heads.

Semerzier (6-4, 1-1 UFC) tried to push forward and grab a Peralta leg to slow down the fight. Peralta (14-3, 2-0 UFC) was relentless with 11 more shots and McCarthy had to stop it. When Semerzier rose to his feet, he was out of sorts and nearly fell forward.

Peralta made no mention of the head clash, but he wanted to get out of there once it happened.

"When I caught him I was just trying to throw everything I had to finish him as quickly as possible. I have a baby on the way at home so I'm excited to get back after a great performance," said Peralta.{ysp:more}

When he finally regained his senses, a frustrated Semerzier punched the canvas. Peralta didn't come away unscathed from the head clash. He had a huge hematoma swelling over his left eye.

It's been a good year for Peralta, who's now beaten Semerzier, Mike Lullo and Hiroyuki Takaya in 2011.

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